Hong Kong Tax Advisory

Hong Kong Tax Advisory

Hong Kong adopts "Territorial Source Principle", all persons or companies carry business in Hong Kong are liable to pay the tax in Hong Kong. (whether the person or company is incorporated in Hong Kong or not)

Hong Kong major tax divided into 4 categories:

  • Profit tax
  • Salaries tax
  • Property tax
  • Stamp duty

Hong Kong does NOT have

  • Sales tax
  • Value added tax (“VAT”)
  • Dividend tax
  • Capital gain tax

The person in charge of the business shall submit a tax return to the Inland Revenue Department every year.

The tax return of the limited company or partnership is generally posted in April of each year and the salaries tax return is usually posted in May of each year from Inland Revenue Department.

The deadline for submission of tax returns is 1 month.

Our services including:

  • Providing tax advisory and tax planning (To minimize tax liabilities in a legitimate way)
  • Acting as Tax Representative (Individual or Companies)
  • Filling the tax return, tax computation and declare
    • Profit tax
    • Salaries tax
    • Property tax
    • Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pensions
  • Applying for the extension of submission of tax return
  • Applying for holdover of provisional tax
  • Assisting for objection of tax assessment
  • Assisting for handling the tax queries from IRD
  • Assisting for applying the offshore income claims exemption
  • Conducting tax field audit and investigation

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