Bank Account Opening Service

Hong Kong Bank Account Opening Service

Methods of Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

We will assist customers to make bank appointments (the fastest is 1 working day). The directors of the company must visit a Hong Kong bank to open an account. Under normal circumstances, the signature documents required for the account can be completed on the same day. It is expected that the account can be successfully opened within 7-10 working days.

Required Documents

  • Company registration particulars, such as Company Registration Certificate, Business Registration Certificate, Articles of Association, Incorporation Form or Annual Return, etc.
  • Identification of shareholders, directors and signers and proof of address in the last 3 months
  • Business proof such as orders, purchase and sales invoices, contracts, bills of lading, etc.
  • Personal bank transaction records in the last 3 months

Banks in Partnership

Including but not limited to the following banks:

  • Hang Seng Bank
  • HSBC
  • OCBC Wing Hang Bank

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